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This amatuerish video was obviously created to cash in on DiCaprio's celebrity without supplying viewers with anything new or original. A compilation of blurry photographs (repeated sometimes ad naseum) and "interviews" with persons touted as DiCaprio's "childhood friends", it's something real fans of the actor can pass up without missing anything. The only truly informative portion of the video is a filmography and a few truncated recaps of some of the motion pictures in which DiCaprio has starred. Unfortunately, whomever was doing the "slide show" of images during some of the film synopses got them mixed up (showing images from one film while another was being talked about). And there is a glaring error made in one recap during which Diane Keaton's character in the motion picture "Marvin's Room" was inadvertantly confused by the narrator with the character played by Meryl Streep in the same film. These sorts of thing are inexcusable -- even in a amatuer video.

The only thing even remotely worthwhile keeping, as regards this video, is the box it comes in, which features an excellent photograph of DiCaprio.

If even after this "warning", you'd like to get a copy of this video, try your local video outlet or Deco Video online.