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From Mr. Showbiz on the web: "...A brutal autobiographical story of a boy (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his rambling mom (Ellen Barkin) who wander around trying to make ends meet until she meets and marries a no-nonsense man (Robert De Niro) who lives in a remote part of Washington State with his three kids. Barkin is agonizing to watch as the devoted mother who comes to realize the magnitude of the mistake she's made, and De Niro's withering performance makes Cape Fear look like a walk in the park. But it's DiCaprio who's truly astounding; he wears the film's heartache on his face like an unhealed wound..." --Naomi Ryerson

TO GET A COPY OF THIS VIDEO, try your local video outlets, or Blockbuster Video, Columbia House Video, or Reel Video on the web.